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Retail Leadership

Create a place of belonging and make an impact in the communities you serve

Three individuals wearing green aprons smile and laugh as they work together at a Starbucks

Lead With Purpose

Leading here means you can, and do, make a difference. Help the people you lead grow and connect, both as humans and as professionals.

You have ownership in driving results while building connections and giving back to the local communities you serve, through volunteering, Neighbourhood Grants and more.

Culture of Connection

Two people wearing green Starbucks aprons sit together, sharing coffee and smiling. A bag of Costa Rica Reserve coffee sits on the table between them.

With every cup, with every conversation, with every community – we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection.

Craft, courage, results, belonging, and joy. These are the values that drive us as a team and support us as our authentic selves.

Benefits & Perks


From free coffee to discounts at local and national retailers, our perks bring joy to your day in a whole lot of ways 

Health & Well-being

Extended coverage for us and our families’ unique needs

Financial Support

Investments in your financial journey, for every milestone along the way


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