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Built around bringing joy to your day a whole lot of ways

  • Free Coffee or Tea for Home Take home a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week
  • In-Store Discount Enjoy 30% off drinks, merchandise and food
  • Partner Networks These business resource groups bring together employees with shared interests, helping us connect with each other, with growth opportunities, and with ways to serve our communities
  • Affiliate Discounts Enjoy discounts at local and national retailers, plus some benefit provider discounts like auto, home and pet insurance
  • Elite Athlete Program We are proud to support our athletic employees participating at a world-class level
  • Matching Gift Program Eligible nonprofits we donate our personal time or money to can receive up to $1000 a year in company match


Store manager

Being in a company that cares about its people, that was huge to me. I have the opportunity to grow, and fail, without being punished or feeling belittled. I feel very supported. I feel like Starbucks truly cares about me as a person. The benefits keep me here, and the opportunity to grow.

A person wearing a black apron smiles into the camera.

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Health & Well-being

Industry-leading, personalized health coverage for ourselves and our family’s needs 

Financial Support

Investing in our financial journeys, for every milestone along the way


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